Sunday, June 14, 2009

Walk Like an Egyptian

I am currently six weeks away from going on my first trip out of the country and my first short term mission trip. Myself along with Scott Lilly, Tom Morris, Graham Pifer will be goingt to Cairo, Egypt for 12 days to help run a Christian sports camp called "Camp Wadi". I can not tell you how excited I am to be able to take what I do for a living and be able to go and "give it away" on the other side of the world!! We will be going over to coach kids in specific sports and to show the love of Christ to them. The camp will be comprised of 100% muslim kids the week we go. It was hard for me to believe that a Christian camp would draw interest from the muslim community, but that is exactly what they have done. What an opportunity it will be to work with these kids!

I will be continuing to post updates using my blog. Any prayers for the camp, the kids, or the team would be much appreciated. We also have to raise $2,500 a piece to go, so if you want to give financially let me know. To God be the Glory!

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